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DoingBiz Expands Services

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DoingBiz Expands Services

DoingBiz now operates its own server

December 1, 1998 -- DoingBiz is now operating its own server.   This means we can offer a broader range of services, and can customize your site to meet your unique needs.

DoingBiz services a broad range of clients including professionals, government, non-profit, as well as retail sites.

DoingBiz's address on the web is: www.DoingBiz.net.

The website is a secure system, allowing customers to use their credit cards without worry.

"We wanted to make it easy but not at the expense of security," Bush said.

Suppose you want to contact someone at one of our domains. It’s a snap from the website. Bob Bush, owner of Roswell Web Services and the designer of the website, said it’s configured where you can send e-mail to anyone at the domain.

"As long as you have the domain name part right," Bush said, "the message will be delivered. It will never be returned as undeliverable, even if you misspell the person’s name."

Bush said he keeps two important elements in mind when he designs a website.

"Ease of navigation and finding out what’s new," Bush said. "I try to make it easy for people to get on, get what the want, find out what’s new and get off."

For instance, not everyone wants the same thing, Bush said. He wants to be able to log on, find what he’s looking for without a lot of searching through other things, then log off.

Bush said customers also might not want to wade through something they have already seen. That’s where the What’s New feature comes in. The site will be updated regularly and that selection will have a link to the page the new item is on.

In designing the site, Bush said he tried to stay away from things that require a long time to load. The site has lots of graphics, but not too many and he’s kept them small.

Background sound also slows it down, but Bush said sound can be used to enhace the visitor's experience.

"We’ll give people the option of listening to the sound," Bush said. "But we don’t want it to take too long to load. The longer it takes, the more likely they are to hit the stop button and we don’t want people doing that."

Log on to DoingBiz.net and go cyber cruising.

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