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Design Considerations

Roswell Web Services

Roswell Web Services

Web Page Design Considerations for Business

The most important consideration in designing a web page is CONTENT.....CONTENT.....CONTENT.

You want people to learn about your business, and readers are looking for substance.

Linking your page to pages with useful information will increase the chance people will remember your company name, and will get additional attention from search engines like Alta Vista.

A web page should include a company logo, but loading a page down with unnecessary graphics slows down loading, and may cause readers to stop the load before it is complete.

What should be included on your web page?  You probably have a brochure with just the right information.  You probably include the information in proposals, and have it available in your word processor.  The quickest way to get started is to select from the information you include in proposals using your word processor.

If you have a color associated with your firm, you may wish to make the page background that color.

Publication of your page is under your control. Your web page is YOUR page, and will not be made public until you approve it. When your page is ready, you will receive eMail giving you the address. When you are satisfied with the content and layout, your page will be made available for public access and linked to appropriate pages..

We have professional graphic design service available. If you do not yet have a logo, maybe now is the time to develop one. Let our designers work with you to come up with the right logo for your business. 

Example of a professional web site.

Example of a retail site.

Example of a non-profit site.


By default, elements of a web page are color coded.
If desired, colors can be specified for certain elements of a web page.
If you have a color associated with your firm, you may wish to make the page background that color.

Colors can be specified for several elements of a home page:

bulletactive links
bulletvisited links

To select a color, see our Color Chart if you are using Netscape 3 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.
Otherwise, try the RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart.



If you have a logo available for your firm, it is recommended that you include it on your page. If you would like to have a logo, we can develop one for you.

Although graphics are popular on web pages, graphics slow the loading of a page. Simple graphics such as bullets and rule lines are not a significant problem, but multiple graphics can really slow down page loading.

Graphics available on the Internet

bulletRules (Horizontal divider lines)
bulletClip Art
bulletAnimated graphics
bulletVarious graphics


Netscape - http://home.netscape.com/assist/net_sites/bg/backgrounds.html
AOL PrimeHost - http://www.primehost.com/members/create/clip-art/back.htm
Ender Design Archives - http://www.ender-design.com/rg/backidx.html
WebSoc graphics - http://www.gla.ac.uk/Clubs/WebSoc/graphics/backgrounds/



Ender Design Archives - http://www.ender-design.com/rg/buttons.html



AOL PrimeHost - http://www.primehost.com/members/create/clip-art/arrows.htm
Ender Design Archives - http://www.ender-design.com/rg/images/bullets/bull_01a.html



AOL PrimeHost - http://www.primehost.com/members/create/clip-art/bullets.htm
Ender Design Archives - http://www.ender-design.com/rg/dots.html


Rules (Horizontal divider lines)

AOL PrimeHost - http://www.primehost.com/members/create/clip-art/rules.htm
Ender Design Archives - http://www.ender-design.com/rg/lines.html
Gilbert's Icon Archive - http://www.westworld.com/~ghyatt/icons/lines/index.html



AOL PrimeHost - http://www.primehost.com/members/create/clip-art/icons.htm
Ender Design Archives - http://www.ender-design.com/rg/icons.html


Clip Art

AOL PrimeHost - http://www.primehost.com/members/create/clip-art/clipart.htm
AOL PrimeHost Party Art - http://www.primehost.com/members/create/clip-art/party.htm


Animated graphics:

Gilbert's Icon Archive - http://www.westworld.com/~ghyatt/icons/animated/index.html


Various graphics:

Microsoft Images Gallery -


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